So Tuesday August 6th will mark the release of the 52nd song of Brunswick Project.


It’s been a wild ride, but there’s plenty more to do, and more announcements on the horizon.

In the meantime, we’d love to invite you to our End of Project Party.  We’re pulling in all the collaborators that worked with us over the course of the year and having a massive musical party at Baltic Avenue (Bloor and Ossington area).

Collaborators such as:

– Sara Wilkinson WEEK 26: Calendar Girls https://soundcloud.com/brunswicktunes/calendar-girls

– Graeme Gerussi – Gigging

– Steve Hobbs – Gigging, WEEK 36: Radioactive https://soundcloud.com/brunswicktunes/radioactive

– Rob Norman WEEK 43: Julie https://soundcloud.com/brunswicktunes/julie

-Ashley McLellan WEEK 39: Not Today https://soundcloud.com/brunswicktunes/not-today

– Jocelyn Geddie WEEK 19: Baby It’s Cold Outside https://soundcloud.com/brunswicktunes/baby-its-cold

– Spencer LeVon WEEK 31: The Rock Rock Lovers Love https://soundcloud.com/brunswicktunes

– Ian Lennox WEEK 49: Walk https://soundcloud.com/brunswicktunes/walk

– Joe Chammas (Gigging)

$5.00 gets you a free lossless download code for our best of Brunswick compilation album and a night of amazing entertainment!

Not to mention you’ll be supporting our next major project which is top secret, babe.

This is your last chance to see us play for awhile, so please come on out, and feel free to suggest songs on the event wall found on Facebook.



About brunswickproject

Every week, Steve Cruickshank and Joel Buxton meet in Joel's shitty kitchen, unplug the fridge, slug whiskey, and create a song. For 52 weeks. Or 'til somebody dies. Check out a new track on Soundcloud every Tuesday. http://www.soundcloud.com/brunswicktunes
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