WEEK 35/52: The Humongous

The Humongous is about the best bad guy in the best movie ever made: Road Warrior. 

Music / Lyrics: Joel Buxton, Steve Cruickshank
Production: Steve Cruickshank
Drums: Chris Hudson


You disappoint me I have said before
Once again I’m forced to unleash my dogs of war

Give me the gasoline, give me the compound ,
And I’ll let you leave
Give me the gear, the guns, and that a fat tanker,
And go as you please
This much I promise as your just reward

You can walk away uh huh
Just walk away uh huh
You should walk away uh huh
Take the deal and walk away uh huh

What a puny plan I grow so tired of games
You face the wasteland, we were born in flames
Settle your debts, make peace with your creator
Tonight we invade
Calling the Crazy Smegs, The Gayboy Berserkers
We’re storming the gate
You chose the outcome I won’t ask again

You took the pity from my eyes
I promise you, I promise you, no one left alive
I promise you I promise you, I promise you, I promise you,
I promise you, no one left alive

You could have walked away (he is just a rat)
All just walked away (believe me just a rat)
Now there’s Hell to pay (they are just the rats)
Should have walked away (there’s no going back)



About brunswickproject

Every week, Steve Cruickshank and Joel Buxton meet in Joel's shitty kitchen, unplug the fridge, slug whiskey, and create a song. For 52 weeks. Or 'til somebody dies. Check out a new track on Soundcloud every Tuesday. http://www.soundcloud.com/brunswicktunes
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