WEEK 24/52: This Old Man

“This week’s jam was born during one of our many late-night jam sessions at the Brunswick pad. 

I had been listening to Gagging Order by Radiohead that day and had that kind of melancholy feeling inside. I’d also been spending a lot of time at dive bars practicing stand-up comedy and telling jokes to the few regulars and their sunken eyes.  Somebody started that fun bass line, and this is basically what came out.” – Bux

Music / Lyrics: Steve Cruickshank, Joel Buxton

Production: Steve Cruickshank

Art: Shane Heron


Radiates through the bar
Aggression from afar
How dare you
I’ll take this outside
You and I

This old man needs a ride

And a few too many rounds
Try to talk him down
Or just willfully blind
Your guess is as good as mine

But this old man needs a ride

Can you follow him into the dark
He shouldn’t have that weight upon his heart

Doors closing
You can read the signs
Up and down the line

So if you have the time
This old man needs a ride
This old man needs a ride
Excuse me ma’am
This old man needs a ride


About brunswickproject

Every week, Steve Cruickshank and Joel Buxton meet in Joel's shitty kitchen, unplug the fridge, slug whiskey, and create a song. For 52 weeks. Or 'til somebody dies. Check out a new track on Soundcloud every Tuesday. http://www.soundcloud.com/brunswicktunes
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