WEEK 1/52: The Bed Bug Bash

Don’t Let The Bed Bugs Bite… Did anyone know about bed bugs before 2008? Well obviously someone did.

For my part, I never thought they were anything more than an old wives’ idiom – an insect racial slur – that is, until they hit Toronto in the latter aught years. I confess I’ve never had the misfortune of having them, but hearing about the experiences of people I knew was enough to drive fear into my heart. (Joel in particular spent a memorable weekend in a trailer with a few…)

The Bed Bug Bash came out of some jams at the Brunswick house. The song began life as a lyric I wrote down one day, a couple of stanzas but nothing more. It wasn’t until later that it was married to music. I was playing with the recordings of a couple of instrumental jams with Apple Pi (comprised of myself, Joel Buxton, Steve Hobbs and Mike Palumbo), and I realized that this one upbeat, dissonant chord progression would make a perfect match for the horror of the lyrics.

It was the middle of the 2009/2010 winter, and one night, well after midnight, I went and sat in my freezing car and sang the vocals into the internal microphone of my macbook. I was experimenting with melodies and was just trying to get down some rough ideas (without waking up my roommates), but listening back afterwards I really liked the performance, in spite of the low recording quality and my hoarse vocal cords.

In the coming weeks I attempted several overdubs, but I never sang it better and so the rough car performance stayed. We actually had a bed bug scare in the Brunswick house in early 2009. We had just moved in, someone saw a beetle or something on their bed, and before you knew it we were calling exterminators and getting ready to throw out all our clothes and mattresses. Lucky for us it turned out to be a false alarm. Not everyone got off so easy – Steve

Music / Lyrics: Steve Cruickshank, Joel Buxton, Steve Hobbs, Michael Palumbo

Production: Steve Cruickshank, Ian Lennox


burn all your clothes and burn through your cash
these were the first few thoughts I had
at the bed bug bash

you bring the canvas and I’ll bring the poison
you bring the canvas and I’ll bring the poison gas
to the bed bug bash

breakfast lunch and dinner
all begin to swell
all in a row like
pretty little cockle shells
holy shit and fucking hell

I want my money back

they’re comin out of the woodwork
and they’re comin in fast
don’t look now
but this party’s being crashed

watch where you go and watch who you touch
spread the disease and don’t do nothin rash
bed bug bash


About brunswickproject

Every week, Steve Cruickshank and Joel Buxton meet in Joel's shitty kitchen, unplug the fridge, slug whiskey, and create a song. For 52 weeks. Or 'til somebody dies. Check out a new track on Soundcloud every Tuesday. http://www.soundcloud.com/brunswicktunes
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